8 Best Niches For Bloggers in 2022

Finding a niche is all about choosing topics with a view to attracting audiences or marketing a specific business, brand, product or site to generate interest or make money. Studies suggest that over 75% of web users read blogs. Blogging offers benefits for individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. As a blogger, it’s beneficial to find a niche that fits with your interests and passions, but it’s also important to consider what people are looking for when they read blogs and conduct online searches. 

Exploring blogging niches should form an integral part of the process of setting up a blog and choosing what kind of content to create and share. It’s wise to find a niche that interests, energises and inspires you, but it’s also advantageous to ensure that there is a demand for content based on the subjects you have chosen. You don’t want your blog to be so narrow in its focus that you have a very small audience. We will be exploring some of the best niches for bloggers in 2022 and how you can find your niche!

Why choose a blogging niche?

Choosing a blogging niche is beneficial for multiple reasons, including:

  • Focusing on key topics and subjects that are relevant to your blog and your target audience or reader
  • Developing your skills and knowledge within specific arenas or lanes and gaining authority on key subjects and topics
  • Engaging with audiences that have shared interests
  • Pursuing passions
  • Reducing the number of competitors: if you choose a niche, you only have to worry about competitors within that circle
  • Creating better content: having several niches within one blog can dilute content and impact quality
  • Monetise your blog: attract sponsors, run advertising campaigns and add paid reviews and affiliate marketing to your blog to make money

How to find your blog niche

Finding a niche is a balancing act. You want to attract an audience that is large enough to help your blog or business grow and achieve financial success, but you don’t want to cover so many topics that the content becomes diluted or the target reader gets lost or confused. If you are looking for a content niche for your blog, it’s critical to focus on these key factors:

  1. Your interests, knowledge and passions: it is much easier and more enjoyable to write about topics and genres that interest you and bring you joy. Use your interests, passions and knowledge to help you find your niche. 
  1. Your skills and area of expertise: in blogging, it’s vital to command respect and to build trust and confidence. You want to position yourself as an expert and create high-quality content. Use your skills, knowledge, experience and talents to carve out a niche. If you have a background in accounting, for example, you may want to explore personal finance or help people try to save money or find ways to increase their earnings. 
  1. Popular blog topics: trends come and go in blogging and some topics are more popular than others. Analyse data, use tools like Google Trends, Exploding Topics and Ahrefs to see what people are searching for or reading about and keep an eye out for emerging trends and changes in web user habits and behaviours. 
  1. Understand the importance of evergreen content: evergreen content is content that endures and attracts audiences amid ever-changing trends and backdrops. As a blogger, you want to be able to adapt to cater to new trends, but it’s also imperative to understand the importance of evergreen content and topics. Subjects like losing weight, the benefits of exercise, making your money stretch further and relationships are good examples. Try to avoid using specific dates and adding titles that mean that your article will only be relevant for a short space of time. 

The best niches for blogging in 2022

Now that we have ascertained why it’s beneficial to find a niche and outlined steps to choose blogging niches, here are some of the best blog niches for 2022:

  1. Personal finance, money management and saving

Personal finance is one of the fastest-growing blogging niches. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Saving money at home and lowering expenses
  • Investing 
  • Money management and budgeting
  • Finding new ways to earn money, including home-based jobs, blogging and side hustles
  • Tips to combat rising costs
  • Planning for the future

Personal finance has exploded in 2022 due to the cost of living crisis, economic uncertainty and rising living costs, mortgage fees and interest rates. Searches for loans have increased by over 300% since September 2022 and people are using the Internet to learn how to budget, access tips and guides to help them to lower expenses and outgoings and add to their income. Searches for credit cards have also increased in 2022 and there has been significant growth in side hustles. A recent survey indicated that up to 50% of UK adults are looking for an additional income source.

In addition to blogs about managing money, boosting household income and accessing advice about debt and personal finance, investing has also become an increasingly popular blog niche. More web users want to read about investment options, particularly relatively new topics, such as cryptocurrency. 

  1. Food

Research shows that food blogging was the most profitable niche in Q1 2022. Blogging about food covers a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Eating out and reviewing new restaurants
  • Low budget recipes
  • Preserving and canning
  • Hosting and entertaining
  • Food intolerances

Food is an evergreen topic, but it opens doors for finding niches within the wider subject, such as the keto diet, basic cooking tips for beginners and money-saving recipes. 

Cooking has become an increasingly popular topic since the pandemic. During lockdowns, restaurants closed and many of us spent most of our time at home. Those who weren’t working had more time for hobbies, including cooking, and they wanted to explore new recipes and hone their skills. Fast-forward to 2022. Restaurants and takeaways are open, but many of us have adapted to new ways of preparing and consuming food. We like to entertain at home, we’ve got better at cooking and we’re still eager to expand our repertoire and experiment with recipes. 

Popular niches linked to food blogging for 2022 include vegetarianism and vegan cooking, vegan restaurants, simple, easy, healthy recipes, budget bites and home dinner party ideas. 

  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the hottest topics of the last decade. As technology advances and the world of business evolves, digital marketing has become increasingly influential. Marketing techniques, such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media marketing are subjects of interest among marketers and business teams, but they’re also popular among individuals looking to promote side hustles and new ventures and people who have skills within this field who want to monetise blogs and online courses. 

As a blogger, you can choose to cover subjects linked to digital marketing or focus on a narrower niche, for example, SEO or content marketing. Use your skills and professional experience to help your audience to reap the rewards of digital marketing campaigns and provide access to reliable, accurate, high-quality content and resources. As online businesses have proliferated, the demand for advice and help has skyrocketed. 

  1. Health, fitness and wellness

Google insights show that as a global population, we are searching for information about health, fitness and wellness more frequently than ever. During the pandemic, searches were often linked to Covid and Covid symptoms, but there was also substantial growth in interest in mental health and ways to get fit and be more active. Since 2020, more of us have looked for advice and information about mental and physical health and wellness, and we use the Internet to access a broad spectrum of resources. 

If you’re blogging in 2022, you could focus on general health and well-being or delve deeper into popular topics that are dominating Google searches. Examples include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Decreasing or overcoming anxiety
  • Yoga and hot yoga
  • Healing
  • Home workouts
  • Meditation
  • Healthy eating, cooking at home and trying different diets
  • Quick and easy healthy recipes
  • Long-term health
  • Seasonal depression
  • Dental health
  • Increasing activity levels
  • Improving sleep patterns
  1. Parenting

Parenting is an evergreen topic. People will always have children and the demand for online content is increasing. Today’s parents are raising kids at a time when it’s completely normal to search online for advice or information. Parenting is one of the greatest challenges people undertake, and blogs provide a valuable portal for parents to get help, meet other parents, seek advice and access ideas.

Parenting blogs come in various guises. Some cover general parenting topics, some are designed to promote products and share reviews and tips and others bring parents together by sharing funny stories or building communities. If you’re a blogger, you can choose your niche within the wider world of parenting, focusing on issues or topics that interest you or resonate with your target audience. Perhaps you want to use your own experiences as a parent to shape your content strategy, or you have professional skills that could help parents, for example, a background in nursing, midwifery, childcare or education. 

Setting up a blog for parents is often a good choice for bloggers who want to monetise their site. The range of products for parents, babies and children is growing all the time. This means that it’s possible to use techniques, such as reviews, product promotion, backlinks and affiliate marketing to boost your income. 

  1. Freelancing, digital nomadism and remote work

The way we work has changed. Freelancing and remote working had become more popular before the Covid pandemic, but in the last two years, the landscape has shifted dramatically. According to the Office for National Statistics, almost 40% of workers worked remotely either part or full-time in May 2022. Many of us got used to working from home during lockdowns and some companies have adopted working from home or hybrid arrangements. The pandemic also prompted some people to think about changing jobs or going freelance to find a better work-life balance. 

The Internet provides a fantastic well of information for people who are thinking about going freelance, those who want to embrace digital nomadism and employees searching for remote jobs. If you have experience in this field or you’ve made the leap yourself, running a blog devoted to these topics could earn you money and benefit others. You can pass on information, offer tips, create practical, how-to guides and share advice. There are now more than 4.8 self-employed Brits. 

  1. Social media

TikTok Ads is top of the trending topics in the US for 2022, according to Exploding Topics and Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter all feature in the top 21 Google searches for 2022.

Social media is a huge topic, which is relevant to a wide base of users. People read blogs and guides and watch videos and clips about social media for several reasons. Some people want help with setting up personal accounts or sharing personal content. Some people are looking for tips to promote a business or brand online and some users want to become influencers and build a huge following. 

  1. DIY and crafting

DIY has become more popular due to a combination of factors, including the pandemic and spending more time at home, increased investment in home improvements and the rising cost of living.

More people devoted time to DIY during lockdowns, but growth in sales has continued due to the cost of living. People are choosing to spruce up their homes rather than to move and they may also be more likely to attempt repairs to save money. Crafting has also become a popular hobby and side hustle. Creative activities are particularly beneficial for mental health. 


Blogging niches are subjects or areas of interest. If you’re starting a blog, it’s critical to find the best blog niche for you based on your passions, skills and knowledge base and the interests of your target audience. Explore popular blog topics, analyse data, evaluate trends and think about what you want to talk about, who you want to connect with and how you’re going to monetise and grow your blog.