Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2024


Let’s face it; there are many reasons to start blogging in 2024 ranging from a chance to express your opinions to becoming part of an incredible community. If making money is one of your targets, though, discovering the most profitable blog niches is essential.

While there is a lot of money in the blogging industry, 95% of content creators fail to earn any significant revenue. Identifying popular blog niches that earn money is the first step to building a profitable venture. Here’s all you need to know.

What Makes Profitable Blog Niches So Successful?

When asking “What blog niches are most profitable?”, it’s important to understand why they are profitable. After all, creating quality content counts for very little if it is not coupled with opportunities for monetisation.

While all blog niches are unique, the sectors that tend to perform well will;

  • Reach a defined audience – even if it’s not necessarily a huge one.
  • Have a hole in the market or room for new bloggers to position themselves.
  • Open the door to collaborations, which could also mean paid guest posts on other platforms.
  • Appeal to brands who sell products related to the content or audience.
  • Be a niche that allows you to add value to the reader.

With over 600 million blogs, the competition is fierce. However, bloggers who create content that strikes a chord with modern audiences have an opportunity to thrive. Selecting one of the most profitable blog niches will go a long way to helping.


6 Popular Blog Niches That Earn Money

When asking “What blog niches are most profitable?”, it’s worth knowing that the following six all rank high and seem likely to retain their status over the years to come.

#1. Health and Fitness

Nothing in life is more important than our health, and nearly 50% of internet users actively look online for advice in this arena. Crucially, the vast majority want relatable advice that they can implement into their own lives, which creates an environment in which bloggers can thrive without investing huge sums into the content creation process.

Firstly, there are many opportunities for you to create engaging blogs that are enriched with videos, images, and infographics. This type of content can also achieve great numbers on social media to grow your audience while simultaneously impressing advertisers due to the traffic you could potentially bring to their brands.

The health and fitness industry is thriving while the digital sector is growing at a rate of over 6% annually too. Consumers spend big money in this environment, and bloggers can capitalise through multiple monetisation strategies. For starters, high traffic potential with defined target audiences can generate revenue through PPC display ads.

Other money-making strategies include VIP content behind paywalls, creating plans for clients, running paid online classes, teaming up with sportswear and nutrition brands, producing guest content, and getting direct sponsors for your blog. This confirms its place as one of the most profitable blog niches for 2024 and beyond.

#2. Personal Finance 


Millions of people need help with their personal finances, not least because at least one-third of Brits are living paycheck to paycheck. This opens the door for bloggers to find profitable subtopics to consider within the personal finance niche. Investing, cost-cutting strategies, and side hustle ideas are just some of the options.

The finance sector has one of the highest average rates for PPC placements on Google Ads, which highlights the volume of money spent in this industry. Naturally, it can be one of the most profitable blog niches for 2024 as people are willing to pay for insights, products, or services that will boost their long-term situations.

An eBook or online course that teaches readers to make money and generate savings shows how content can be monetized. Likewise, you could use affiliate marketing schemes to point users towards useful tools like accounting software. Similarly, promoting products that help reduce a person’s expenses or grow their savings can work wonders.

Ultimately, the topic of personal finance has been one of the most popular blog niches that earn money for several years as it is one area of life where people of virtually all backgrounds and statuses will look for improvement. Given the current economic climate and the negative impacts of the past few years, the possibilities in 2024 are greater than ever.

#3. Food and Drink 

When asking “What blog niches are most profitable?”, it’s important to remember that it could take time for yours to grow an audience and unlock serious monetisation opportunities. With this in mind, it is often worth picking profitable blog niches that offer the chance to produce evergreen content that can generate revenue long after its initial publication.

Food and drink ticks the box perfectly as consumers won’t care whether the recipe, cooking tips, or advice on kitchen purchases were originally posted 12 months ago. Meanwhile, 73% of online users trust food blogs. So, you are on a more level playing field with major organisations in this niche than many others. 

Blogs in this field can benefit from multimedia integrations while they can also cover a wide range of topics. In addition to evergreen content, it is a niche boasting fantastic opportunities to leverage success from seasonal trends and other hot topics of the moment. Not least because social media platforms will enable you to engage audiences too.

Food and drink is also one of the most profitable blog niches for beginners as you can create quality content even as a beginner, especially as you can branch out to cover sustainability, money saving, healthy living, and other niches. Cookbooks, partnerships with food brands, and sponsored blog posts are just some of the ways to make money in this field.

#4. Homemaking 


Homemaking is understandably another of the most profitable blog niches. Everyone who lives in a home will be interested in improving it through DIY projects, interior changes, and other updates. Likewise, the continued growth of eco-friendly products (which grow 2.7x faster than others) has created another subtopic for consumers to research.

Bloggers can tap into this profitable blogging niche through advertorial content and affiliate marketing that points readers to the products seen in their guides, reviews, and other posts. Sponsored posts and guest posting on other platforms will also generate revenue while some bloggers in this field even produce their own products for the home.

Like many of the most profitable blog niches, homemaking is one that appeals to audiences from virtually all situations. Any blogger who can successfully find their audience and tone of voice will open the door to increased traffic. The competition for domain authority and keywords is lighter than bloggers expect – as long as you look beyond the obvious ones.

Homemaking is a blogging niche where you will never be short of content ideas, either. From advice to documenting your home transformations or reviews of newly released products, there is plenty to write about. It keeps you engaged, which also keeps readers engaged. Moreover, it provides the platform for a steady flow of content.

#5. Travel 

When looking at what blog niches are most profitable in 2024, you needn’t limit yourself to financial matters. A blogging platform that adds value to your life can be equally beneficial. Travel blogging has become immensely popular as it can help fund your adventures and create the flexible lifestyles of becoming a digital nomad.

It is a niche where you can also get quite personal. An effective brand story will win over audiences, which subsequently opens the door to opportunities with sponsors and companies. As well as generating revenue, the blog may help you gain freebies including accommodation and attractions in the UK or beyond.

Travel blogging can cover days out, reviews of destinations, general travel tips, documenting your journeys, and much more. The blog could also focus on a clear niche such as family travel, solo travel, luxury travel, or budget-friendly travel. A clear direction will help you create a more targeted audience, which makes it easier to align your blog with suitable brands.

Research shows that travel search times were up 70% in 2023, and the trend is set to continue. Given that people are now more likely to research potential destinations to find out the good and bad points, bloggers have a phenomenal opportunity to thrive. As such, it is amongst the most popular blog niches that earn money.

#6. Marketing 


Marketing blogs teach valuable skills to individuals, agencies, and businesses alike. They can also delve into a range of topics from blogging and SEO to creating killer logos or using video marketing and social media. It’s a niche that educates readers and can subsequently show them how to make money and gain visibility with their one endeavours. 

The money-making opportunities in this field are varied, creating one of the most profitable blog niches due to having multiple revenue streams. They can include paid subscription content, personalised coaching, affiliate marketing schemes that point towards relatable services like graphic designers, and templates that help users on their journeys.

If the product can help the user make money in the long run, they’ll be happy to pay for it. Digital advertising agencies alone were valued at £17.3bn in 2023, highlighting the level of money available. Even if you craft a small place in the market, you can earn good money. Not least because readers are often business decision-makers who have capital available.

Marketing blogs are ideal for anyone who has worked in the field or studied it. When a reader finds your platform, they’ll instantly know that you have the skills to bring audiences to a website because it’s what you will have just done. This instant trust will encourage them to stay, which will subsequently open up money-making opportunities.

The Next Steps

Making money from blogging isn’t easy. Otherwise, everyone would be full-time bloggers. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a niche that allows your passion and expertise to shine through. In turn, this will result in high-quality content that helps you climb to the top of your sector.

Nevertheless, selecting one of the popular blog niches that earn money is the first step on the road to unearthing the best blog post ideas and creating a profitable platform. Just remember that this decision will define your blog. So, take your time to get it right.