7 Lifestyle Blog Post Topic Ideas + Examples!

Launching a lifestyle blog is an incredible way to express yourself, share your opinions on topics that you are passionate about, and document your past experiences. However, the success of any great blog relies heavily on the connection between creator and reader. Oftentimes, coming up with blog post ideas is the hardest challenge of all.

While at least 75% of the online population reads blogs, the fact that over 2 million blog posts are published daily has created an immensely competitive environment. This guide to blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers will give you an advantage over competitors by helping you understand the various categories along with how they can inspire you to take your blog to the next level.


  • What makes a good lifestyle blog post?
  • Why does choosing the right blog categories matter?
  • 8 great lifestyle blog post ideas – categories + examples
    • 3.1. Personal stories
    • 3.2 Reviews
    • 3.3 Listicles 
    • 3.4 How to posts
    • 3.5 Interviews
    • 3.6 The FAQ post 
    • 3.7 Curated posts
  • How else can you find inspiration for lifestyle blog post ideas?
  • What next?

Firstly, What Makes A Good Lifestyle Blog Post?

Lifestyle blogs are the second most popular genre of blog with over 13% of all blogs falling into this category. Many people would argue that food (the #1 ranked choice) is a subsection of lifestyle blogs too. Either way, it’s no wonder that the lifestyle blogger community continues to grow in both size and popularity.

Before looking at specific lifestyle blog post ideas, though, you must first consider what makes a successful post. Every blogger is on a personal journey and should use the following questions for guidance;

  • What type of lifestyle content am I passionate about?
  • Are people looking for this type of content on social media and Google?
  • Do my existing blog readers show a demand for this type of content?
  • Will the content validate my authoritative voice in the field?
  • Does this type of blog open the door to revenue opportunities?

Finding the best lifestyle blog post ideas won’t only revolve around choosing the right category of post. You also need to consider your niche and other aspects that contribute to the overall impact. A great lifestyle blog could focus on one issue like cooking, or could combine several aspects of life such as fitness, careers, parenting, travel, beauty, fashion, finance, and more.

Ultimately, a great blog post should perform well for brand awareness and search engine visibility while simultaneously engaging your readers. In turn, this should enable you to generate more traffic and revenue.

Why Does Choosing The Right Blog Categories Matter?

Did you know that over 23% of readers believe bad content ruins a blog’s credibility? This stat alone should highlight the need to focus on quality above all else. Finding the right blog post ideas will provide the perfect platform to build upon. Furthermore, it will support the future of your platform in the following ways;

  • Ensure that readers can build a sense of familiarity with the formatting and styling of content that you publish.
  • Help you overcome writer’s block by always having something to write about for your platform.
  • Establish a writing and publishing schedule – many experts suggest that 2-4 weekly posts is an ideal level for most bloggers.
  • Build linked content, such as a series of posts that will keep loyal readers coming back time and time again.
  • Avoid repetitive content and keep content relevant to your audience as well as the blog’s brand image.

Better still, creating a clear brand image through clear blog post ideas will make you a more attractive prospect for partnerships. This covers paid sponsorship opportunities from businesses as well as enhanced collaboration prospects – which could boost your hopes of seeing strong results by 70%

7 Great Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas – Categories + Examples

By now, it should be clear that structure is essential for a blog’s performance. Choosing the right lifestyle blog post ideas will provide guidance while additionally helping you develop your writing style and consider alternative solutions like audio or visual content. 

Here are seven great categories that will guide you to greatness. (Psst…they can each be tweaked to reflect your image as a blogger).

#1. Personal Stories

Personal story blogs are autobiographical pieces that could be presented as diary posts or as a direct recollection of your experiences. In short, they provide an insight into your life and are the types of post that most long-term blog readers will associate with the early years of blogging. They remain a very common choice until this day.

This type of content can be used within any subsection of lifestyle blogging and can be particularly useful for any sort of self-improvement post related to fitness, careers, money, life skills, or relationships.

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

Many readers choose blogs over traditional media because they can relate to bloggers. Personal stories bring a sense of authenticity and personality to a blog. This can subsequently lead to greater loyalty and trust, which will translate to increased earning potential for bloggers who wish to sell products or services.

People who use your blog in hope of learning from your experiences will respond particularly well. However, these lifestyle blog post


  1. How I Quit My Job & Finally Started A Business
  2. What I’ve Learned About Fitness In 10 Years As A PT
  3. My Travel Diary: (Insert Location)
  4. My Food Diary: What I Eat In A Day
  5. What I Learned From Six Months Of Tinder Dating
  6. My Simple & Spacious Business Journey So Far
  7. How I Reduced My Monthly Outgoings By £500
  8. Why My Backpacking Trip Changed My Approach To Travel 
  9. A Day In My Life As A Parent Of Autistic Children
  10. What Happened When I Quit Sugar For 30 Days?

#2. Reviews

A review can take many forms but is ultimately a blog post that analyses a product or service through a combination of objective criteria and subjective opinions. Lifestyle review blog post ideas could include rating a computer game, discussing a subscription box service, or looking back at a recent trip to a local attraction.

Review posts can be broken down into other ideas like comparison pieces that simultaneously review two or more products. In many cases, this type of content is ideal for guiding consumer decisions, which makes them ideal for various blog post ideas.

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

It is shown that 62% of people trust influencers over celebrities, and bloggers offer the opportunity for users to gain honest insights into items that they have considered purchasing. Alternatively, the content can become a fantastic outlet for readers to discover new products that would have previously gone unnoticed.

Local bloggers often use reviews as a focal point of their lifestyle blog post ideas. However, they also work exceptionally well for lifestyle blogs that focus on a specific niche such as finance, cooking, gadgets, home improvement, or fashion and beauty. Reviews work exceptionally well as long-form content and can include video or photographic media. Many bloggers use affiliate links and sponsorships to earn money from this blog category too.


  1. An Honest Review Of Our Trip To Alton Towers
  2. Alexa Vs Google Home: Which Is Better
  3. What Did I Think Of My 3 Months With Hello Fresh?
  4. Buying A PS5: Disc Or Digital? 
  5. Is Dazn Worth The Monthly Subscription?
  6. Review Sonic Frontiers – A Bold But Ultimately Failed Attempt At Something New
  7. Battle Of The Streaming Platforms: Netflix, Amazon, Disney
  8. Should You Bother Upgrading To The New iPhone?
  9. My Initial Thoughts Of Using MyFitnessPal
  10. Reviewing The Top Selling Air Fryers Of 2022

#3. Listicles

Listicles are perhaps the most commonly seen type of blog post in the modern era. They are essentially any blog post that breaks the content down into bitesize chunks through numbered lists and subheadings – yes, this post is a listicle, although many bloggers opt for far shorter listicle content.

This type of content may cover tips, top 10s, and a host of other content. In some cases, the content is ranked. In other instances, it is an unranked list. It could be linked to any aspect of a lifestyle blog ranging from food to holidays or movies.

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

Listicles deliver perfect blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers for many reasons. The use of subheadings is great for SEO. Meanwhile, they serve as an ideal solution for the 73% of blog readers who skim posts as they can quickly navigate to the subheadings that are relevant to them,

The titles of listicles are often very closely linked to what people search for on Google while listicles also have the shareability factor. Ultimately, lifestyle blogs should provide easy reading for your audience and listicles are a great option. They also leave ample room for visual content and can enable bloggers to cover informal and fun topics – as is shown by the linked article in the examples below.


  1. 10 Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Meals To Try This Winter
  2. The Top 10 Cyberattacks Of All time
  3. 101 Places You Need To Visit Before You Die
  4. 7 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas + Examples (yes, we went there)
  5. Ranking This Year’s FIFA World Cup Kits from 1-32
  6. 18 Things From “Friends” That We Don’t Talk About, But Should
  7. 10 Killer Ways To Make Your Home Feel Bigger & Better Than Ever
  8. 50 Things That All Couples Do At Christmas Time
  9. The Best 10 Oasis Songs Revealed
  10. 12 Fashion Tips That Will Transform Your Spring/Summer Vibe

#4. “How To” Posts

The ‘how to’ headline is the third most popular preference of the blogging community and is present in 17% of all blogs. It shares many features with listicles but is aimed at educating users through step-by-step guides. This could be a set chronicle list to complete a project or unnumbered related features to achieve the desired outcome.

This type of blog post allows authors to showcase their newly acquired skills and provide value to their readers. For lifestyle bloggers, it can be a good way to gain extra content out of previous blog post ideas, such as home makeover reveals.

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

Most online users now actively turn to the internet as their educational tool. Whether it’s learning a new recipe, a home hack, or valuable life skills. Bloggers are real people who can use their experiences to provide that valuable insight. Crucially, their instructional posts are more likely to be realistic achievements for the readers.

A successful ‘how to’ guide is a good outlet for showing your personality. Moreover, by giving users something for free, you instantly prove your ability to drive value to their lives. In turn, they’ll become more loyal to the blog and likely to respond positively to any products you try to sell. It is also a particularly convenient way to show readers how they can work towards their goals in a manageable way.


  1. How To Transform Your Spare Room Into A Home Gym
  2. How To Knock 30 Seconds Off Of your 5KM Time In 6 Weeks
  3. The Ultimate How To Start A Business Guide For Busy Mums
  4. The Only How To Make Slow Cooker Risotto Guide You’ll Ever Need
  5. How To Build Your Confidence In 10 Easy Steps
  6. How To Transition To Veganism: A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Quitting Cigarettes: A How To Guide That Works
  8. How To Build A Garden Compost Without Spending Money
  9. How To Sleep Better In 10 Easy Steps
  10. The Beginner’s Guide On How To Dress For A Wedding

#5. Interviews

The interview blog post ideas have become increasingly common in recent years as bloggers look for unique perspectives on popular blog topics. Interview pieces ensure that the piece that stands out from the crowd. They could be one-on-one pieces or focus on group discussions.

Interviews offer fantastic flexibility as they open the door to a host of collaborative opportunities. Likewise, content could be presented as an article, a Q&A, or a recorded audio/video piece. 

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

Interviews allow you to provide unique content while also gaining readers from the interviewee’s audience. Likewise, people that take quotes will need to link to your site. It is shown that 88% of bloggers spend more time on blogs with video content. Interviews are an ideal category to add a video to the blog post ideas for stylistic flexibility.

Lifestyle bloggers can use interviews to gain insights from industry professionals or other content creators. Likewise, they can speak to product makers or people of interest. It can subsequently add authority and weight to the content while also keeping the blog fresh and exciting. It can be an ideal opportunity for new bloggers to network and make a name for themselves in their niche.


  1. An Interview With [insert Name of [Insert Company]
  2. Understanding How Fat Loss Works With PT [Insert Name]
  3. A Look At The New [Insert Gadget] With [Insert Name]
  4. How To Build A Better Business With [Insert Name]
  5. [Insert Name] Tells Us About The New [Product]
  6. Playing The Sims With KSI
  7. What Qualities Do Confident People Offer With [Insert Names]
  8. What’s Next For MMA? A Discussion With [Insert Names]
  9. [Insert Name] Shows Us Their Secret Cleaning Hacks
  10. The Interview: [Insert Name] Reflects On [Insert Topic]

#6. The FAQ Post

FAQ posts are a type of blog where you answer frequently asked questions relating to your lifestyle niche. They can be short and sharp Q&A blog posts that focus on a key topic. Alternatively, they may be presented as an “ask me anything” that encourages users to interact with you and send in their questions.

This type of post can be published as a text format but also makes a good option for vlogs or video posts. They are a particularly useful option for summing up a series of related posts or filling a void when you are short of inspiration.

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

FAQ posts offer a fantastic way to break up your blog when the features have been getting pretty heavy. It also works as a good bookmark at the end of one series of posts before moving on to another. Better still, it is one of the few blog post ideas that require no cost, minimal time, and very little creativity.

Perhaps more importantly, customers who have emotional connections with a brand are 306% more valuable. This sense of extra loyalty extends to the blogger-reader relationship. FAQs encourage their active participation while also showing that you listen to them. The fact that you value their opinions will have a positive impact while the questions can provide valuable insight into their likes.


  1. Answering Your Questions About My Wedding Plans
  2. Ask Me Anything: The Parenting Edition
  3. Answering 25 Of Your Questions About Starting A Business
  4. FAQs On How To Revamp Your Kitchen
  5. Relationship Advice (Ask Me Anything) 
  6. Ask Me Anything: How Do You Decide On A Place For A Vacation
  7. Ask Me Anything About My First Year Of Blogging
  8. Answering Your Questions About The [insert name Awards
  9. FAQs – What Attracted Me To F1?
  10. Answering 101 Of Your Questions About Video Gaming In 2022

#7. Curated Posts

When looking for blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers that can drive value to the reader, curated posts are a popular choice. They bring together stats, quotes, examples, and visual media that are related to a topic and present them in a single post. They can include both internally and externally sourced materials.

Curated posts are quite a simple category, but should not be seen as lazy. Gathering information on a topic from other bloggers or news sources may seem like an easy task, but it does take a lot of time. Not least when it comes to formatting and publishing the post. 

Why it works for lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle bloggers can use curated posts to provide an overview of a topic and provide detailed value on a topic, which is very useful when many of the posts are personal stories or informal pieces. Furthermore, it is a great way to cement your authoritative voice on a topic, even by using the insights provided by others.

It should also be noted that actively linking to other sites can work wonders for SEO, as it is one of the most important ranking metrics. The benefits are taken to even greater heights if you subsequently gain links back to your blog as a direct upshot of this. So, curated posts can please search engines as well as readers.


  1. A Guide To [Destination]: Attractions That Experts Say You Need To Visit
  2. The Most Important Quotes On Building Self-Confidence In 2022
  3. Daily Health Habits That Doctors Say Most People Ignore
  4. The Weekly Roundup Of Manchester United News
  5. What Does The Budget Announcement Mean For You? (According To Experts)
  6. 12 TED Talks On Effective Communication to Help You Close
  7. Life Lessons That Parents Should Teach Their Kids 
  8. The Latest Social Media News On [Insert Topic]
  9. What Can Top Athletes Teach Us About Perseverance?
  10. 10 Things We Discovered From This Week’s Episode Of [Insert TV Show]

How Else Can You Find Inspiration For Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas?

Equipping yourself with insights into the seven categories above will provide a solid framework for any lifestyle blog, especially as you can see that many of them overlap. However, blog traffic can increase by 2,000% when you produce quality content, which should encourage you to keep an open mind. Here are some additional ways to determine the type of content that should appear on your platform;

  • Read more guides like this one – we have a few.
  • Check out the type of content that your favourite blogs produce.
  • Look at social media sites like Pinterest to see what lifestyle categories perform.
  • Ask your readers for suggestions.
  • Ask friends and relatives about the type of content they respond to.

Whichever path you choose, taking the time to brainstorm some ideas will help you build a schedule of posts. It’s always good to have a few backup ideas that can fill in the blanks whenever creative troubles surface.

What Next?

Finding blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers should help you remain in a creative and productive mindset. Given that quality content is what will keep readers engaged, it is a central ingredient in the recipe for success. For the best results, though, you’ll also need to master the design of your page, find revenue opportunities like affiliate schemes, and build a strong social media following.

Nevertheless, selecting the best blog post ideas for lifestyle blogger platforms will have a massive impact on the future of your venture. Whether you’re launching a new site or want to breathe fresh life into a stagnating domain, now is the time to act. For further support with this issue and a range of other blogging topics, join the Blogger Tuesday community now.