7 Blog Post Ideas For Mom Bloggers (+ Examples)

“Mom blogs” (or “mum blogs”) are one of the most popular blog types for people to launch. The niche focuses on sharing the experiences of being a mother, from talking about personal issues to sharing advice for other parents to enjoy. Within this blogging space, a lot of parents will focus on even more specific niches and topics. Some might talk about issues such as struggling with fertility or autism. Others might base their blog around being a parent who loves to travel or who is trying to live a frugal lifestyle.

Roughly 1 in 3 bloggers is a mother (although that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re running a mommy blog). That means there’s a lot of competition out there for anyone who wants to write within this niche. Publishing relevant and interesting content is vital, but just coming up with ideas can be one of the most challenging things you have to do as a blogger. But don’t worry if you find it difficult, this guide will take you through some of the top categories to consider when coming up with blog post topics and titles so you are never stuck for ideas again.

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  • Important factors to consider when coming up with mom blog ideas
  • Mom blog posts ideas to inspire you
    • Personal experiences
    • Reviews
    • Advice posts
    • Lifestyle posts
    • Parenting posts
    • Creative and DIY posts
    • Blogger community posts

What Should You Think About When Coming Up with Mummy Blog Ideas?

Every blog is different, even when they are within a specific niche. That can be especially true for mom blogs because they’re often highly personal. Not every blog post topic is going to be suitable for your blog, so you need to know what’s important to think about. What makes sense for one blogger won’t necessarily make sense for you.

When you’re coming up with blog post ideas, these are some of the things you should consider:

  • Does it fit my niche and the topics I usually cover?
  • Does it work for my brand?
  • Is it the sort of content my existing readers want?
  • Are people searching for this type of content?
  • Is it a timely and relevant topic?
  • Will this blog post help me monetise my blog?

Mom blogs can cover a huge range of topics so you definitely don’t have to limit yourself. They’re not always exclusively about the experience of being a mother either, even if that is a key focus. Some of the posts you write might be very personal, sharing your experiences and discussing the ins and outs of parenting. Others could be less so, exploring a wide range of lifestyle topics, from careers and finances to travel and homes.

7 Diverse Mom Blog Post Ideas – Categories + Example Topics

Only you can know which topics to write about and what’s important to you as a parent. But, although you might know what you want your mom blog to be, you also have to craft the right blog posts to attract and keep the attention of your audience.

Blog posts can fall into various categories and formats that are useful for getting your creative juices flowing. Keep reading to discover some of the categories you could use to encourage your creativity and help you come up with successful blog posts.

#1. Sharing Personal Experiences

For many mum bloggers, sharing their personal experiences is their bread and butter. It’s what other parents want to read about, especially when they can empathise and feel that someone else understands them. But within the broad category of sharing your personal experiences, there could be a huge range of things you choose to write about.

You can choose to talk about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and other issues surrounding having a baby. Alternatively, maybe you’re an adoptive parent or foster parent who writes about their experiences. You might create posts discussing being a parent to an autistic child or dealing with a certain health condition. You could write about your family holidays, days out, activities you do at home, or homeschooling.


  1. Our First Family Trip to Disneyland Paris
  2. What We’ve Eaten This Week
  3. My Birth Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  4. A Day Out at the Natural History Museum
  5. Why I’m Struggling to Be a Mom Right Now
  6. How We Deal with Diabetes As a Family
  7. My Experience of Dating as a Single Parent
  8. How I’m Balancing Parenthood and Building a Career
  9. 5 Ways I Relax When the Kids Are in Bed
  10. Why We’re Doing a Low-Key Christmas This Year

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#2. Reviewing Products, Services, and More

Reviews of products, services, and experiences are really well suited to mom blogs. As a parent, you’re constantly looking for things to make your life easier or just anything your family will enjoy or find useful. Not only do these types of posts give you an opportunity to connect with your readers, but they’re also a great way to monetise your blog. Some of your reviews might be sponsored posts or you can use them to insert affiliate links so you can earn a commission.

Your reviews can cover anything from the products you use at home to the last film you saw with the kids. But aim for them to be genuine reviews that give your real opinion. You can use these posts to share your personal opinion and also to offer useful advice to others.


  1. A Review of London Zoo By Parents and Kids
  2. Which Is the Best Kids’ Toothpaste?
  3. Our Favourite Yoghurts for Packed Lunches
  4. I Tested 5 Car Seat Brands: Here’s My Top Pick
  5. Will HelloFresh Really Help Your Family Save Time and Money?
  6. Why The Tearoom Is Our Favourite Local Cafe
  7. M&S, Asda, or Aldi: Comparing Costs for Our Weekly Shop
  8. The Best Reusable Nappies: Top Brands Compared
  9. I Tried These “Must Have” New Mum Items So You Don’t Have To
  10. Is Bluey the Best Kids’ TV Available?

#3. Advice Posts

Sharing your advice and wisdom as a mother is one of the main ways you might choose to use your blog. Of course, it particularly makes sense if you want to become something of a voice of authority on a certain topic. Whether you want to give personal finance advice from the perspective of a parent or talk about a topic like education, writing advice posts helps you build your authority.

Advice posts could take a few different forms. They might be “how to” articles or tutorials, giving your readers instructions on how to do certain things. They could also be problem-solving posts that help people understand how they can tackle common issues that parents face.


  1. How to Find an Education Philosophy That Works for You
  2. What to Do When You’re Struggling to Balance Work and Family
  3. What Are Your Rights as an Employee and Parent?
  4. How to Advocate for Your Child at the Hospital
  5. The Best Ways to Make Your Family Holiday Fun
  6. 5 Budgeting Tips All Parents Can Use
  7. Designing a Bedroom Fit for a Toddler
  8. Beauty Hacks All Mums Need
  9. How to Get Organised When You’re a Busy Mum
  10. How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe You Can Rely On

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#4. Lifestyle Posts

General lifestyle posts cover a pretty broad category of blog posts. They might overlap with other categories, such as your personal experiences or blog posts. But it can be a good angle to approach your blog ideas from and might even be the basis for your blog’s niche. If you want to narrow down your mummy blog, it’s a good idea to think about different lifestyle niches that work for you.

Your blog could have a focus on food and sharing family recipes. The food niche has the highest percentage of blogs with over 50,000 monthly sessions at 42.8%, so it’s competitive but can also be a great niche to pick. You could also focus on interior design and home living, blogging about things like decorating your home, organisation, and storage, or gardening. Or maybe you’re interested in the ins and outs of parenting itself. All of these things can relate to both lifestyle and parenting audiences.


  1. 10 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy
  2. The Best Workouts for Busy Mums
  3. This Recipe Is Sure to Be a Hit with the Whole Family
  4. Storage Options for Tidy Kids’ Bedrooms
  5. Which Pet Is Best for Your Family?
  6. Mummy and Me Outfit Ideas
  7. My Tips for Saving Up for a Family Holiday
  8. How to Get Everyone Out the Door on Time Every Morning
  9. What to Pack for Family Trips
  10. Essential Gadgets for Your Family Car

#5. Parenting Blog Posts

A focus on parenting obviously makes sense for a lot of mommy blogs. Not all mom blog post ideas are going to focus on parenting, but those that do can cover a huge breadth of topics. Even if parenting advice isn’t the key focus of your blog, there are still times when you might want to share what you’ve learned as a parent or discuss current parenting concerns.

Blog posts on parenting will often relate to your own experiences. However, they can also take a more general approach that looks at different attitudes to parenting or examines the issue of the day.


  1. 5 Parenting Philosophies That Could Work for You
  2. Our Journey as Parents to an Autistic Child
  3. How Can You Teach Your Children Important Values?
  4. Teaching Your Kids All About Money
  5. Survival Tips for Single Mums
  6. What You Need to Know About Kids and Internet Safety
  7. How Much Screen Time Should Your Children Really Have?
  8. Creating a Back-to-School Routine
  9. Tips for Talking About Feelings with Toddlers
  10. How Many After-School Activities Is Too Many?

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#6. Creative and DIY Blog Posts

A lot of parents use mom blogs to get ideas and inspiration. It turns out that being a parent, especially to younger children, often requires you to get creative. You need a constant stream of games and activities to help keep them entertained and teach them how to entertain themselves. Blogs can be a really useful resource for this, delivering lots of ideas that people can use in their own lives.

If you’re a creative person or have gathered plenty of ideas over the years, you could share what you know through your blog posts. Your creative and DIY posts could take the form of instructional posts that show people how to do anything from making slime for kids to play with to upcycling a piece of furniture. You could also share materials for people to download or print out, such as activity sheets or colouring pages.


  1. 10 Games to Play on a Rainy Day
  2. How to Make Your Own Playdough
  3. Download My Free Activity Sheets for Toddlers
  4. Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Trips to the Park
  5. How to Upcycle Your Old Baby Clothes
  6. Toilet Tube Craft Ideas
  7. How to Make a Photo Collage
  8. Make These Christmas Decorations with the Kids
  9. Scissor-Free Arts and Crafts For All Ages
  10. Perfect Baking Recipes to Get Children Involved

#7. Blogger Community Posts

One of the things that makes the mommy blog such a great choice is the community that surrounds it. Bloggers in this niche are often very sociable and tight-knit, which makes it perfect if you want to network with others. It also gives you something else to blog about, enabling you to connect with other bloggers who can help you raise the profile of your own blog. You can also use these types of posts to highlight certain things on your own blog, such as your best-performing or favourite posts that you want to give more exposure to. By lifting up other bloggers, you might soon see that they return the favour and link back to your blog too.


  1. Guest post from another blogger
  2. My Favourite Parenting Bloggers
  3. The Best Blogging Events for Mummy Bloggers
  4. My Journey as a Mum Blogger
  5. The Tools I Use to Run My Blog
  6. An Interview with Blogger X
  7. My Blogging Goals for the Year
  8. A Look Back at How This Blog Has Grown
  9. Follow These Mums Who Are Killing It on Instagram
  10. Roundup: My Most Popular Blog Posts