How to Get Organic Traffic Through Blog Collaborations

When it comes to blogging, it’s always a great idea for you to be thinking about ways to make money. Whether you’re brand new and just starting out or you’re a veteran blogger that’s been around the block, you may find that you want to monetise your blog in a range of different ways. After all, diversifying your income is all the rage right now. One of the ways to do that is via blogging collaborations. You can be paid to work with brands and earn an income this way. But did you know that you can also boost your organic traffic via this marketing and money-making method too?

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how you can get organic traffic to your blog through collaborations, why it matters, and how to make it work. So let’s dig into the details.

What is Organic Traffic?

So first of all, before we kick off on the topic of collaborations and how they can generate you more organic traffic, maybe you want to know exactly what it is (and why it matters – more on that next). According to Semrush, it ‘…refers to visits to a website from unpaid search engine results (as opposed to paid results)’. But this can come from a range of sources, and not just search results too. The whole idea behind organic is that it’s it’s free traffic. You haven’t paid for it or you’ve not created an ad to generate the traffic.

There are a range of means that you can use to generate free traffic and we’re going to take a brief look at some of these later on in the post. But for today’s topic, we want to focus on how blog collaborations can increase your organic traffic. To help you do that, let’s first look at why this matters.

Why is it Important?

For starters, it’s free. It’s hard not to ignore when you’re first starting out or you just don’t have a budget to work with. As a beginner blogger, you want to be able to grow your business as cost-effectively as you can. You will probably also want to rely on purely free ways of doing this for a long time too. Plus, in doing so, you’re kind of allowing yourself to get a proof of concept in place too.

This means that, by getting the engagement and traffic that you are, what you’re doing is working. If all you do is rely on paid methods of generating traffic from the beginning, not only could it cost you, but how are you to know if your target market is really engaged?

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

So then we have the idea of paid traffic too. It’s safe to say that neither option is bad, but organic is generally the free and essentially ‘cheaper’ option whereas paid methods will require you to spend money to receive traffic. This can often be by paying per click (PPC) on Google and other platforms, or by placing ads that direct users to your blog. In the long term, especially when you have budget to spend on your marketing, this can be a great option to complement your organic traffic.

What Are Blog Collaborations?

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about collaborations mentioned online or you’ve seen bloggers or influencers that you admire doing them, but you’re not 100% sure on what they are and how they work. Essentially, a blog collaboration is where you as the blogger will work with a brand, business, or even another blogger on a project. This is going to be a marketing campaign with the goal of harnessing the power of your reach, audience, and influence, to help grow the brand’s reach, audience, and sales.

There are a range of ways that you can work on blog collaborations too and that can largely depend on what a brand’s looking for or the kind of content that you like to create (slash what works well for your audience). It might be that you write a review of a gifted product, create content for the brand to use on their social media, feature in their newsletters, curate a range of your favorite products, help design products, and so much more. 

How Can They Generate Organic Traffic

So maybe you’re wondering just how blogging collaborations can generate organic traffic for you? Well, you will find that when you work with brands, you’ll often have deliverables to meet and terms of the collaboration. It could be the case that they will share your content on their social media platforms, website, newsletters, and other online spaces. That way, they will be driving traffic to your content – plus, it’s free as you’re not paying them for it (even if you are getting paid for your contribution to the collab).

Using Blog Collaborations to Build Your Own Brand (& Traffic)

Now it’s the time to start thinking about how blog collaborations can allow you to build your brand too. Sure, you’re going to be able to gain a ton of organic traffic when you work with brands and they feature you, share your stuff, or tag you in any social media content. But it’s also about building your brand over the long term and growing your blog too.

If you know that you’d like to grow your reach and increase your social media engagement, but also build more of a brand around what you’re doing, blogging collaborations can help you to do that too. See them as an advertising opportunity and a professional collaboration that can allow your business to grow. Set goals, measure metrics, track how things are going and start to work out what collaborations are paying off for you and allowing your brand to grow (as well as being paid by the brand), and which aren’t. Ultimately, this has to work for you too.

Other Key Methods of Generating Traffic

But we have to acknowledge that there are other ways to generate traffic too. Blogging collaborations are going to allow you to access a lot of important organic traffic, but you might find that having an integrated strategy that gives you lots of options can really help you too. So now let’s dive into six other traffic-generating methods that you can use alongside the collabs you’re setting up.

1. Optimise Your Content

First of all, always make sure that you’re optimising your content for SEO purposes. This means using the right keywords in your blog posts and ensuring that they are relevant to the niche that you’re writing about.

2. Use Social Media

Of course, you can also use social media to raise awareness of your blog and drive traffic to your blog as well. Make sure that you’re putting links on your social profiles and sharing your content too.

3. Run Ads

Then we have the idea of running ads. This is one of the paid marketing methods to think about. You can run ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as in the paid search results on Google with Adwords.

4. Place Ads on Other Blogs

Another way that you can run ads is to place them on other blogs or even in their newsletters too. This can be a great way to get other blog readers interested in your content.

5. Start a Newsletter

With that in mind, maybe you want to start your own newsletter too? That way, you have another marketing tactic under your belt and you can start to engage readers on your email list and get them clicking through to your blog too.

6. Build Backlinks to Your Blog

Finally, another way for you to get organic traffic is for you to build up more backlinks to your blog. A great way to do this is by guest posting on other blogs, but you can also pay for link placements too.

Getting Started with Blog Collaborations Today

So now that you know a lot more about blogging collaborations, it’s time to get started on them if you haven’t already. For starters, if you’re yet to sign up to start receiving blogger opportunities from us, that’s where you’re going to want to begin. We send out paid blogger opportunities on a weekly basis every single Tuesday. You can decide what you want to apply for and which brands you want to work with. Then, it’s all down to you to get the collab up and running and access the organic traffic that you’re looking for.

Blogging collaborations can bring you a wealth of organic traffic as well as increase your brand awareness, engagement, and get your blogging career to where you want it to be. So be sure to get started on your strategy today.