Finding New Ways to Develop Engaging Blogging Ideas

Struggling to think of blog concepts? Don’t panic. With this simple guide, you’ll be back to your creative best in no time.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned blogger, you’ll be fully aware that there are several steps to building a profitable blog in 2023. Nevertheless, engaging and creative blogging ideas are the backbone of your entire platform.

At times, blogging topics will come thick and fast without even thinking about it. Unfortunately, though, every blogger will inevitably encounter the dreaded writer’s block from time to time. While this is a great opportunity to publish some of the backlogs that you haven’t got around to posting just yet, you also need to get back on the proverbial horse ASAP. Not least because content producers that post 2-6 times per week are 50% more likely to see success. 

Here are some of the best ways to find creative and engaging blogging ideas.

Follow the data

One of the easiest ways to find successful blog ideas that will work with your audience is to look back at your past catalogue of posts to see what your audience loves. After all, the goal isn’t simply to find new blogging ideas – you need the new content to reach a certain level of quality so that it can add value to the reader’s life.

The data analytics within your website’s CMS will highlight which blog posts have gained the most traffic and comments. You may also want to analyze the numbers gained across social media. Content that went viral with your audience could provide a particularly useful starting point for your next idea.

When using old content to inspire new blogging opportunities, you must not simply repeat old points. However, the following questions can help you identify spin-off content;

  • Is there an opportunity to continue the story?
  • Are there any opportunities to expand on a subtopic within the original piece?
  • Could I use the same format for content on a related product or niche topic? 


Use online tools to gain inspiration for new blogging ideas

Even though you are looking for new blog ideas, you’ll be eager to stay within your niche. Thankfully, there are several tools that will help. A blog title generator, for example, utilises A.I. tech to present ideas that may engage your audience. However, it should be noted that success is highly dependent on the quality of the prompts.

Google is another very popular tool for blogging inspiration. Begin by typing a keyphrase linked to your blog or business and the autofill section may provide valuable information. Likewise, the “people also ask” section is very valuable. Providing answers to the questions that your readers or consumers actively ask is one of the most powerful things your blogging content can achieve.

You can additionally click the top links to see the content that you need to beat. When combined with your ability to write engaging content, your content will be loved by readers and search engines alike.

Community forums and Google Trends can be gold mines for quality content too. You may be required to do some extra research on a topic before you’re ready to produce the blog, but the seeds of an idea will have been sown.

Collaborate with other experts 

Collaborations are a great way to build authority, diversify the opinions and tone of your blogs, and borrow some of their expertise. Building your network of professional contacts will deliver a plethora of benefits, not least regarding opportunities to develop new blogging ideas. 

Before looking at external collaborations, though, you should consider the internal contacts within the business. Sales teams, for example, may provide valuable insight into what prospects want to know. This could introduce blog topics relating to products, troubleshooting, or your industry. Standard bloggers won’t have this option.

Nevertheless, collaborations can be formed through a range of additional outlets. Some examples you could consider for great blog ideas include;

  • Interviewing an expert or person of interest within your niche,
  • Speak to industry leaders for a tip to compile a list of their advice,
  • Create a joint blog post with a peer, combining your collective knowledge.


Look to user-influenced content

When you are stuck for blogging ideas, another option is to consider ideas that come from your audience. User-generated content can be extremely effective for brands because it encourages real consumers to get involved. Their participation builds authenticity and delivers a similar effect to influencer marketing. 

Better still, user-generated content does not require you to produce content. Images, tweets, videos, audio, and other media types can be incorporated to bring a fresh type of content to your blogging platform. 

Alternatively, you can focus on user-influenced content. One of the most popular options here is to produce an FAQ page. It gives you a chance to give your readers a voice while the Q&A presentation may help your website’s SEO and enable it to appear on Google’s “people also ask” section at the top of the SERPs. 

Besides, your knowledge will enable you to create this type of content very quickly while simultaneously confirming your place as an authoritative voice in the industry. 

Look for time-sensitive content 

If you are currently struggling to get a conversation started, why not piggyback on something that others are already talking about? Newsjacking is a great way to get clicks off the back of a current event. Furthermore, relating the current event back to your content is a great way to take a fresh look at previously covered topics. 

Time-sensitive content can also take a more informal or laid-back approach. It also presents opportunities to dip your toes into new waters with the idea of video content. Audiences can remember more than 90% of the message expressed in a video. It also keeps your content fresh and allows you to produce quality content even when your writing is in a creative lull. 


Get personal

Readers love the personal touch provided by bloggers. Consumers trust influencers more than their friends and find it easier to relate to a blogger than traditional experts and celebrities. Getting personal with your next blog post can be a very effective way to engage your audience, especially if this isn’t typical for your site.

A break from your traditional content could be used as an opportunity to take a step back and review the last 12 months for your blog. Alternatively, you could give a behind-the-scenes look at a day in your life or simply comment on a TV show / cultural topic that is relevant to the blog niche.

Still stuck?

Finally, if you’re still stuck in trying to find content for your platform, why not look to write for someone else? They can provide a brief, which will point you in the right direction. In many cases, this type of project will spark an idea. 

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