Easter Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche (+ Examples)

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Whether you are a new blogger or a little more experienced, you should always be on the lookout for ways to grow your blog. One way in which you can achieve this goal is by writing holiday-themed content.

With Easter quickly approaching, here are some excellent blog post ideas for every niche, with examples! 

Why should I post an Easter-themed blog?

There are many reasons why you should consider writing an Easter blog post. Firstly, it can be a great way to divert more traffic toward your blog, as the majority of readers will be looking for Easter-themed content during this time. Therefore, satisfying this demand will not only please your current readers, but can also help you to grow your blog and potentially earn money through blogging.

Beyond this, using holidays such as Easter for inspiration ensures that you are simply not putting out the same content time and time again. It diversifies your blog posts so that you are able to write engaging content. Finally, it can also be a lot of fun. 

However, when searching for the best blog post ideas for 2024, it is crucial that you ensure your content continues to cater to your niche. 

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche (+ Examples)

Every brilliant blog post starts with a great idea. Without this, it does not matter how well-written or structured your content will be; it will simply lack the necessary entertainment value to keep your readers engaged. However, finding great ideas for blog posts can take time and effort. The examples below, separated by niche, are great starting points for your Easter Content. 

  • Food Blogs.
  • Lifestyle Blogs.
  • Family/Parenting Blogs.
  • Travel Blogs.
  • Business/Finance Blogs.

Food Blogs. 

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There are hundreds of potential posts that food bloggers can create during the holiday period, from recipes to posts exploring the history of our favourite Easter snacks. 

Focusing on recipes is always a great bet, as in the days and weeks running up to Easter, people will begin to look up holiday recipes so that they can impress their friends and family or enjoy a sweet treat. As a result, you will notice a marked increase in the traffic your blogs receive.

Easter Blog Post Examples For Food Bloggers. 

Below are some great ideas that Foodies can use as a springboard for their posts this Easter.

  1. How To Prepare A Delicious Easter Brunch.
  2. How To Make Your Own Easter Eggs (With Dairy-Free Alternatives)
  3. How To Impress Your Dinner Guests This Easter Sunday.
  4. How To Make Hot Cross Buns From Scratch.
  5. The History Of Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns and more.
  6. Healthy Easter Snacks The Whole Family Will Enjoy (Recipes Included).
  7. “Hop” Into The Easter Spirit With These Five Recipes.
  8. Baking For Beginners: Easter Cake Recipe. 
  9. The Perfect Easter Snacks For Vegans. 
  10. Easter Snacks Around The World (+ Recipes).

Lifestyle Blogs.

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If you run a lifestyle blog, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate holidays into your content. In fact, the Easter Holidays could be the source of numerous different blogs in the weeks running up to Easter, ensuring that you are able to capitalise upon the attention that this can bring.

When creating this kind of content, try to make it as personable as possible. There is a reason why people choose to read your lifestyle blog – and it is because they are interested in your life! As a result, giving your readers an insight into how you spend your Easter is a great way to create Easter-themed content they will love. For example, you could share your Easter brunch/lunch recipes so that they are able to recreate these dishes within their own home.

Easter Blog Post Examples For Lifestyle Bloggers. 

Below are some great Easter blog post ideas for bloggers who focus on lifestyle content. 

  1. How To Decorate Your Home For Easter.
  2. How To Host The Perfect Easter Brunch.
  3. Cooking Tips For Impressing Your Guests This Easter.
  4. My Easter Traditions 
  5. How To Save Money (While Having Fun) This Easter.
  6. The Best Easter Eggs 2024 (And Where To Buy Them).
  7. How To Dress To Impress This Easter
  8. Spring Is Here: How To Create The Perfect Easter Floral Arrangement
  9. 5 Easter-Themed Cocktails Your Guests Will Love
  10. 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter With Your Friends and Family

Family/Parenting Blog.

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Family, parenting or “mum” bloggers should also try to curate a few different posts around the Easter Holidays. After all, if parents are taking some time off to spend with their children during this period, they will be keeping an eye out for blog posts that share tips and tricks on how to keep them entertained. 

Again, it is best to keep this content as personable as possible. This can strengthen the relationship you share with their readers while also providing them with access to content that is interesting and/or valuable. 

Easter Blog Post Examples For Parenting Bloggers.

Below are some excellent Easter-themed blog post ideas for mum or parent bloggers. 

  1. How To Teach Your Children About The True Meaning Of Easter.
  2. How To Plan An Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt.
  3. How To Keep Boredom At Bay During The Easter Break.
  4. How To Make Easter Eggs At Home: A Step-By-Step Guide.
  5. How To Make Memories With Your Children This Easter.
  6. Time For A Treat: Delicious Easter Recipes For The Whole Family.
  7. The Top Five Easter Games To Play With Your Family
  8. The Best Films To Watch With Your Family This Easter
  9. Five Easter Craft Activities That Your Children Will Love (Egg Painting, Card Making and More).
  10. Five Fun Family Activities For The Easter Holidays.

Travel Blog. 

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Travel bloggers can also use the Easter Holidays to generate new content ideas, even if it is a little harder to discover ideas for this kind of blog post. For example, they could publish one new blog post each week, focusing on Easter traditions from different countries. 

Alternatively, bloggers could focus on sharing travel tips for those looking to get away over the Easter period, whether they are going on a solo vacation, travelling with family, or interested in visiting key religious landmarks. In short, there are plenty of ways in which you can tailor travel content so that it is relevant to the Easter holidays. 

Easter Blog Post Examples For Travel Bloggers.

Below are some great examples of blog topics for travel bloggers that their audiences are sure to enjoy.

  1. How To Plan The Perfect Easter Staycation or Holiday.
  2. How To Budget For A Family or Solo Holiday This Easter.
  3. How To Pack For Your Easter Trip To ___. 
  4. How To Celebrate Easter While Traveling/Abroad.
  5. How To Wish Someone A Happy Easter In Different Languages.
  6. Delicious Recipes From Around The World You Must Try This Easter.
  7. The Top Easter Traditions From Around The World And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Own Celebrations.
  8. The Top 5 Destinations For An Easter Holiday In 2024.
  9. The Best Easter Church Services or Celebrations Around The World.
  10. 5 Places you MUST Visit If You Love Easter.

Business or Finance Blog. 

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Bloggers who tend to focus on more serious or corporate topics, such as finance or business bloggers, often opt out of creating holiday-themed content as they worry it will deviate too far from their niche. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can tailor holiday-themed content to your audience so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your blog. 

Again, it is important to remember that doing so can help increase the number of views your blog receives, which is great news if you use your blog as a promotional tool for your business. After all, this could have an impact on your sales and general brand recognition or help you to grow your customer base.

Easter Blog Post Examples For Business/Finance Bloggers.

Below are a few ideas that business bloggers or finance bloggers can use to create content that is relevant to their niche but still themed around Easter.

  1. How To Celebrate Easter At Work/With Your Colleagues.
  2. How To Show Your Customers Some Love This Easter.
  3. How To Create The Perfect Business Social Media Post This Easter.
  4. Egg-Celent Discounts: Top Tips For An Easter Sale At Your Business.
  5. Top 5 Easter Gifts For Clients and Employees
  6. How Easter Impacts The Economy Each Year
  7. How To Save Money Over The Easter Holidays (While Still Having Fun)
  8. Easter On A Budget: Top Tips From Financial Experts.
  9. 0-Cost Easter Activities And Celebration Ideas.
  10. How To Budget For An Easter Celebration.

Note: All of the examples outlined above should be altered to your liking. For example, if you are creating a listicle and can come up with more than five points of discussion, don’t be afraid to increase this number. Furthermore, some of the posts listed under one niche could be relevant to another. For example, there is often a lot of overlap between mum/parent blogs and lifestyle content. As a result, this could mean that you choose a few different options from each section! 

What makes a good Easter Blog Post?

While the above easter blog post ideas and concepts are a great starting point for high-performing content, there are many other steps you can take to ensure that your posts perform well! 

  • Write a catchy title/headline. An effective title will capture the attention of a potential reader as they browse through the search results.  Keep it short and snappy while ensuring that it provides them with an insight into what to expect from the blog.
  • Include pictures or videos. It is a well-known fact that blogs that include images or videos tend to perform better than those without. This is because they can be used to convey information more succinctly or to break down walls of text. They are particularly useful, however, in how-to guides or recipes! 
  • Include the relevant keywords and phrases. Whether you are an SEO whizz or are still trying to understand how this impacts your search engine ranking, using specific keywords and keyword phrases in your content is essential. After all, you need to ensure that your blogs are showing up whenever users type in certain phrases relating to Easter. 
  • Keep the content varied. Writing different forms of content for each blog post, from listicles to How-To posts (such as in the examples outlined above), ensures that your easter content does not become repetitive while still allowing you to write numerous posts around the Holiday! 
  • Don’t forget the backlinks. Adding backlinks to your content is another great way to boost your search engine ranking. However, it can also direct readers towards other blog posts or, from a business perspective, your sales page. Of course, you should ensure that any links are embedded naturally into the content and they make sense within the context of your blog post. For example, a travel blogger writing about different Easter traditions around the world could link back to previous blogs they have written on each destination named. 
  • Focus on creating high-quality content. While you may be keen to publish as much content as possible around the Easter holidays, especially if your previous posts have performed well, quality is always better than quantity. Focus on producing content that your readers will find valuable or entertaining rather than posting as many articles as possible in order to climb the rankings. You should also ensure that your content is easy to read and free from any errors or mistakes! 

Simply put, writing a good Easter-themed blog boils down to your ability to write a good blog to begin with. After all, no matter what content you are creating, you still have to be able to put together a well-written blog.