Marketing Tips for the Best Brand Exposure

Brand exposure covers a number of disciplines, what can you do to further bring your brand to the masses?

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The measure of a brand is how many people are aware of it. Brand exposure, or brand awareness, is a vital benchmark of how an individual or demographic is aware that a business exists. Brand exposure is a key metric that covers a variety of different key performance indicators and is important for a number of reasons:

  • It builds trust between a brand and the customer. As 59% of customers would rather purchase from brands they know, that notion of trust is vital. 
  • It is the foundation of acquiring an audience. 
  • It will help your business generate more revenue. 
  • It differentiates who you are from your competitors.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you build the best brand exposure for your services and get yourself to the masses:

Tell Your Story

Being a brand that is out in the world is partly about being unique, and to do this, you must build a recognisable brand. But there are several things to consider when it comes to telling your story. Firstly, you must understand your core values, so these can translate to a brand that doesn’t betray your authenticity. 

You must also look at the aesthetics in terms of your colours, fonts, and general visual language as well as your brand voice, such as the tone of voice you use for your content, which will transfer to other platforms such as social media. The tone of voice is critical as it will help you incorporate your story into the content you create, remaining true to who you are. 

When you tell your story that aligns with your brand values, along with the appropriate visual elements, this can showcase why a customer may want to purchase from you. As humans, we are drawn to storytelling, which is why you must tell your story.

Create Shareable Content

Content is always key to how you market yourself. You will need to create content that’s easy to share. This will involve creating evergreen content that will appeal to your audience, but you must also recognise what it takes to share great content. This doesn’t just mean posting a great story online but also understanding what Search Engine Optimisation can do for your posts. When you start to follow SEO best practices in terms of keywords, the type of content that engages with your demographic, and the best times of day to post your content, this all works together to create a strategy that will stimulate the right people. 

There are a variety of ways for you to encourage people to share, for example, social sharing buttons, but you must also think about the right type of content that works with your demographic. Depending on the type of people who use your services, it may not be enough to create an article or a blog post; you may want to expand into podcasts or start creating video content. 

When you create content that your followers want to share, this will provide more value than just trying to sell something. The value in the things you post is the most important thing because if you are constantly pushing a product, people will see through this.

Fine-Tune Your Social Media Presence

Social media is essential in so many different ways. You will need to expose your brand via social media as this is the go-to method for raising any form of awareness. But what does it take to engage with people on social media that you can turn into customers? Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Give your social media profile a personality. If you want to start looking unique, you have to go for your sense of originality. Many companies opt for the quirky and unique approach, despite offering a service hundreds of other businesses provide, and this will always help you rise above your competitors.
  • Think about the aesthetics. This goes back to understanding the visual language of your brand. When it comes to your logo and signature colours, this can help you stand out, especially on social media platforms like Instagram. It will help make your content pop, as the unique colour schemes will stand out, especially amongst people who are idly scrolling. 
  • Opt for simple engagement methods. You can use hashtags (yes, they still work), but you can also go to the comments section and engage with audience members (and other businesses) there. This is one of the best ways for you to start building a relationship between you and your customer. Many businesses have also used the comments section as a way to position themselves in wider newsworthy issues, which works wonders as a promotional tactic. A great example in recent years has been the Colin the Caterpillar debacle that sparked a Twitter war or the pizza firm that helped snare Andrew Tate.

Go Offline

If you want to gain brand exposure, you cannot neglect the power of going offline. Going away from the internet may seem like a silly notion, but the fact is that not all brand-building occurs online. You can go offline and establish brand exposure in more grassroots ways. For example, you can contribute to your community through social events and give back to local charities. 

The fact is that going offline is an incredibly unique way to position yourself these days. Even giveaways like a free trial or a product can be done cheaply through the mail. If you want to highlight your services, don’t underestimate what sending a postcard can actually do, which can put your head and shoulders above all of the other noise your competitors are making online.

If you are looking for the best ways to expose your brand to the masses, it’s not just about these time-honoured tools, but you have to make sure that you are doing the right things for your business. This is why measuring your exposure through tracking traffic to your website, how many people engage through social media, and other tactics can help you to take stock of your practices. Brand exposure is something everybody is looking to attain, and these marketing tips are scratching the surface. There is a whole world of possibilities out there, but if you want to get started, these four approaches are invaluable.