60 Blog Post Ideas For Male Bloggers in 2024

It’s a brand-new year, marking a fresh start for your blog. It’s the ideal time to develop some good blogging habits and start thinking about the year ahead. By thinking about your upcoming content now, you can develop a schedule that will help keep you consistent. With a list of ideas at the ready, you’ll always have something to write.

And if the thought of coming up with your blog ideas for the entire year is making you sweat, there’s no need, as we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of blog post ideas for male bloggers for every month in 2024. Bookmark this page and use it for inspiration for your own posts.

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The key to content planning

Getting ahead of your blog content will help you in more ways than you can imagine. But how can you plan your content successfully?

1. Decide on your frequency of posts

The first thing you need to think about is how often you want to post. Whether you write a weekly blog or post several times a week, think about how much time you can dedicate to your blog. Blogging has all kinds of benefits, and whether it’s your outlet for your mental health or you use your blog as a monetisation tool, align your posting with your goals and what you feel comfortable with. 

You may decide you have set days of the week you want to publish your posts, as well as seasonal content that will need to be published at certain points of the year. 

2. Develop ideas (use our list to help you)

Now that you know how many posts you want to write, you can start developing ideas. Our lists below will be a great way to start. Try to think of more ideas than you need, as this will help you if you go off a post idea, or decide you want to create more content. 

3. Create your content calendar

Now you can create your content calendar. This can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Plot out your seasonal content first, and then work out where you’d like the rest of your content to sit. 

Remember that you’re not married to any content, and if you change your mind, you can always move things around.

4. Fill any gaps

After populating your calendar, you may find that there are gaps you need to fill. You can leave these gaps in place ready for when inspiration hits, or you could spend time brainstorming some more ideas.

5. Start writing your content

Once you know what you need to write about, it’s time to start creating your content. While it’s not always easy to stay on task, having a list to work towards could help keep you motivated and ensure you get your content completed on time.

You could even plot days where you create multiple pieces at once. Doing this will mean you can schedule and forget about them, ready to move on to your next pieces.

Blog post ideas by month

We’ve decided to group our blog post ideas by month to help you work your way throughout the year. Most of these suggestions are evergreen content, so they shouldn’t date. With these post suggestions, you’ll have enough content to publish at least one post a week, getting your blog off to the best start in 2024.

Ready to dive in? Here are our blog post ideas for men to get you through the year.

January blog post ideas for male bloggers

New year, new you? Focus your content this month on goal setting and winter trends – it’s about to get colder! Your content could inspire others to stick to their goals to help them become their best selves in 2024.

  1. New Year’s Resolutions: Your Personal Goals And Resolutions For 2024
  2. X Winter Fashion Trends To Embrace This Season
  3. Coping With The Cold: Maintaining Your Fitness Regime Throughout The Winter Months
  4. Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations
  5. Embracing Veganuary: Can You Cut Down On Your Meat For A Month?

February blog post ideas for male bloggers

February – the month for Valentine’s Day and the return of the Six Nations. Tailor your content according to your niche to help you find the best connection with your audience. 

  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful And Unique Ideas To Give Or Receive
  2. Six Nations 2024: Predictions And How You Plan To Watch It
  3. X Date Night Ideas For Couples
  4. X Date Night Ideas For First Dates
  5. Your Winter Skincare Routine
  6. Single And Ready To Mingle: X Ways To Get Out There And Meet New People

March blog post ideas for male bloggers

Spring is in the air, so start to create content based on warmer weather and longer days. You could also create some content around Mother’s Day to help encourage your readers to spoil the mothers and other women in their lives. 

  1. From Clear Outs To Carpet Cleaning: X Spring Cleaning Tips To Transform Your Home
  2. Spring Fashion Preview
  3. X Ways To Get Fit Outdoors
  4. X DIY Home Improvement Projects To Try This Spring
  5. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April blog post ideas for male bloggers

As the warmer weather starts to set in, you can start to focus on subjects such as gardening, travel and getting in shape for the summer. You can also advise on tax and business issues if your niche allows for it.

  1. X Gardening Tips For Beginners
  2. X Healthy Spring Recipe Ideas
  3. X City Breaks To Book This April
  4. X Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs This Spring

May blog post ideas for male bloggers

From fashion tips to BBQ recipes, you can find plenty of great content to enjoy putting together this May. With two bank holidays and warmer temperatures, you can focus your content around what’s happening at the time to provide even more value to your readers.

  1. Summer Fashion Preview
  2. Healthy Habits To Get You Ready For Summer
  3. Master Of The Grill: X Recipes For Your Next BBQ
  4. X Ways To Focus On Your Mental Health
  5. Transforming Your Garden: DIY And Save Money

June blog post ideas for male bloggers

Summer is finally here, and your readers are likely to take an interest in all things related to being outdoors, travel and summer fitness routines. Don’t forget the start of the Euros and Father’s Day on 16 June.

  1. X Summer Travel Destinations To Enjoy This Year
  2. How To Save Money On Your Summer Holidays
  3. Father’s Day Gift Guide
  4. X Tips To Work Out Healthily And Consistently This Summer
  5. Getting Into The Spirit Of Euro 2024 

July blog post ideas for male bloggers

Now things are heating up, you will want to focus on summer-related content. Share your adventures and your summer style tips to help inspire your readers. 

  1. Summer Blockbuster Preview: What To See In The Cinema
  2. Keeping The Kids Occupied During The School Holidays
  3. X Beach Holiday Essentials
  4. Summer Style Dos and Don’ts
  5. Summer Grooming Tips 

August blog post ideas for male bloggers

The last month of the summer brings with it some of the best weather. It’s also the school holidays so if you cover parenting content, you could adjust the following ideas to give them a parenting angle.

  1. X Ways To Celebrate The Bank Holiday In Style
  2. X Summer Reading Recommendations
  3. How To Cope In The Heat
  4. Reflecting On The Year So Far: Evaluating And Setting Goals For The Rest Of The Year
  5. Photography Tips For Travellers: How To Capture Your Best Holiday Moments

September blog post ideas for male bloggers

September is a great time to focus on back-to-work and back-to-school content, and focus on goals for the end of the year. The new football season is also in full swing, so if that forms a part of your niche, there’ll be a lot of great content for you to focus on. 

  1. Autumn Fashion Preview: X Trends You’ll Be Embracing
  2. X Back-To-Work/School Tips
  3. Starting University? X Tips To Help You Through Fresher’s 
  4. Football Is Back: How To Make The Most Of It
  5. X Autumn Recipes To Try This September

October blog post ideas for male bloggers

In October, the cold weather starts setting in. Focus on winter fitness, recipes and coping with seasonal changes to help guide your readers through what can be a difficult month.

  1. Coping With The Clock Change: Sticking To Your Routines As The Clocks Go Back
  2. X Comfort Food Recipes To Try This October
  3. Cold Weather Gear To Help You Stay Warm As You Work Out
  4. X Outdoor Activities To Try This Month
  5. Get Ahead Of The Christmas Rush With These X Tips 

November blog post ideas for male bloggers

Movember, dark nights and the lead-up to Christmas – it all happens in November. Feast on this content-rich month and don’t forget to include some Black Friday content.

  1. Are You Taking Part In Movember?
  2. X Money-Saving Tips In The Lead Up To Christmas
  3. X Cheap And Charming Winter City Breaks
  4. Winter Skincare Tips To Help You Navigate Seasonal Changes
  5. Black Friday 2024: Your Picks Of The Best Deals

December blog post ideas for male bloggers

And here we are at the end of the year. From Christmas gift guides to New Year goal-setting, you’ll find plenty of engaging ideas to write about in December.

  1. X Tips For Enjoying The Festive Season While Maintaining Your Fitness Routine
  2. Your Christmas Gift Guide
  3. Your Year in Review
  4. X Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve
  5. Setting Goals For The New Year

As you can see, there are a lot of different blog post ideas for men to help you plan your content throughout the year. With a list of ideas ready to go, you can focus on creating great content, while finding ways to take your blog to the next level

Hopefully the ideas above will give you plenty of inspiration for your upcoming content. Use these ideas to brainstorm further blog post ideas and get creative for your best blogging year yet.