10 Easter Blog Post Ideas For 2024

While it feels like we’re still emerging drowsily from the post-Christmas stupor, it’s time to turn your sights to the year ahead. Getting ready for the upcoming calendar events is super important when you have a blog and you want to get ahead of the game. 

In this article we’ll be looking at Easter blog post ideas for 2024 that can help to boost your blog and increase your readership. One of the main holidays in the year, Easter content (particularly if it’s creative or informative) has great sharing potential and can amplify your reach. 

Whether you decide to write a number of posts related to Easter or just a few, these post ideas can help you to make the most of the season and prepare ahead of time.

Photo by George Dolgikh from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/happy-Easter-card-2072151/ 

Why write Easter blog posts?

Writing Easter posts can have a range of benefits for your blog for several reasons. The first of these is that it’s very relevant to what people will be searching for at that time of year and enables you to engage with your audience on something topical. You can provide relevant information for them to view and engage with and they’re more likely to share it and save the ideas for something to do or be inspired by. You also have the potential for increased traffic and audience engagement, sharing traditions and stories regarding Easter. This can help you to foster a sense of community and connect with your readers. Easter content is also a great time to add some links to your posts and make some extra money. You can add affiliate links for products you recommend people purchase for this time of year such as Easter eggs, Easter baskets, craft items and bakery goods. You could also encourage collaborations with brands around this time.

What are some Easter blog post ideas for 2024?

Below we’ve rounded up some Easter blog post ideas for 2024 that are sure to encourage engagement and get you inspired yourself. From posts revolving around art and crafts, to baking or gifts, there’s something for everyone. 

Easter egg decorating ideas

When it comes to Easter posts, why not write about Easter egg decorating ideas? This fun tradition can encourage readers to decorate eggs in an array of patterns and shapes which can then be used as decorations around the house or in an Easter egg hunt. You could also encourage competitions for the best decorated egg! Headers to use as ideas for egg decorating could include:
– Decorating Easter eggs with sharpie pen
– Decorating with nail polish and water to make a marbled effect
– Painting your Easter eggs
– Using decoupage
– Turning eggs into people’s faces

You could also add in some top tips about decorating eggs and links for where to find eggs to decorate. You could either encourage them to use real eggs or craft ones that can be bought from supermarkets and craft supply shops.

Alternative Easter gifts

Easter is a time where you traditionally give eggs to one another, yet some families and friends decide to give gifts instead. This might be because they’re just not into chocolate, or maybe just because you want to do something a little extra for one another. When writing your post, think about what people will be looking for, the types of readers on your blog and what their budgets might be. Some alternative gifts you could suggest might include:
– Experience gifts such as tickets for a theatre show, a restaurant voucher or an experience
– Books or audiobooks – encouraging them to do a book swap instead of eggs
– Jewellery pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets
– Food baskets containing snacks, cheeses and other treats to enjoy

– Homemade gifts such as custom made art or accessories for the home

– Board games or puzzles that you can all play together

– Going out for a meal all together to celebrate the day

You can add in tips for choosing a gift based on budget or the type of family member/ friend that they’re purchasing for.

Top Easter crafts to get stuck into

When looking for a great time to get creative, Easter is an ideal choice so writing a blog post about crafts to get stuck into is sure to go down well. From crafts that you can do as a family, to ones you can utilize as home decor or things you can give as gifts, there are many options to put forward to your readers. Some ideas of Easter crafts include:

  • Creating Easter bunnies from paper plates, paint and pipe cleaners
  • Easter egg decorating
  • Creating Easter garlands to decorate the house with
  • Making and decorating your own Easter egg hunt tote bags
  • Creating Easter wreaths to hang on the door
  • Origami Easter baskets designed to hold small eggs and treats 

You could also include tips in this post for these crafts, where to purchase craft supplies from and how difficult these might be to conduct.

Tips for creating a perfect Easter garden

With Easter falling around spring time, it’s an ideal time to get the garden sorted out. Not only is it the perfect time to plant flowers and vegetables ready for summer, but people are also likely to host over the Easter weekend and want to be able to enjoy the sun in a beautiful setting. With this in mind, writing a post about creating the perfect Easter garden is sure to go down well. Some tips you could include might be:

  • What flowers and shrubs to plant to make it bloom with color
  • The ideal garden furniture to add to your space
  • Easter decoration ideas for outside
  • Consider ambient lighting
  • Think about child friendly elements
  • Have designated areas for entertaining, cooking and playing
  • Create an Easter focal point

Once they’ve made their Easter garden you can add tips on how to maintain it through the seasons and what you can do to keep it looking nice as long as possible

How to throw a fun Easter egg hunt

One of the main activities at Easter is an egg hunt so writing a post with inspiration for this is sure to be a hit. In this post you can add tips for how to throw a hunt for people of all ages, the different hints on how to hide eggs and advice on making it good fun. You could inspire people to make their own decorations and baskets for the hunt, advise on the best hiding spots and include some fun clue ideas that readers can utilise in their hunt. Headers could include:

  • Decide on the venue
  • Establish the rules
  • Think about prizes
  • Consider your audience
  • Pick a theme
  • Don’t forget to capture the moments with plenty of photos

Top Easter travel destinations to visit in 2024

As well as Easter posts closer to home, why not write about some further afield? Easter is also a time when the school holidays hit and many families look to travel abroad. Because of this, writing a post about top Easter travel destinations to visit in 2024 is sure to do well. WIth this be sure to include affiliate links to hotels and travel agents if you can. Some ideas of destinations to include in the link could be:

Vatican City, Rome
Amsterdam, Netherlands
New Orleans, USA
Paris France

London, United Kingdom

Consider which destinations you’ve already written about and how you can cross-link posts to generate more traffic. Think about places that are beautiful in spring or have an affiliation with Easter time such as religious places like Rome. 

How to decorate your table for Easter lunch

If you blog about interiors and lifestyle, tie this in with the Easter period with a post on how to decorate your table for Easter lunch. Hosting will be on a lot of people’s agenda and they’ll be searching for tips to make a beautifully aesthetic table for everyone to dine at. Consider including things such as the glass and tableware, centrepieces, napkins and place cards. Advise them on how to incorporate the Easter theme throughout and different places to purchase items to tie it all together. 

A look at Easter traditions around the world

For a more informative post, why not write about Easter traditions around the world? Many different countries have their own celebrations and festivities. You could write about the US who do Easter egg hunts and parades, egg rolling in the UK, the midnight resurrection service in Greece and Sweden’s tradition to dress up as Easter witches. You can include their religious customs and the fun traditions people might do.

This list of ten Easter blog post ideas for 2024 are sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration to get writing ahead of time. What are some things that you can’t wait to get writing about?